Here are a some cooments that a few customers have provided.

Bud:  Sold the bus for the asking price !   Thanks for the help & great computer site.  Hi to Judy.  Maybe
see you at Loudinville next summer in my 'new' VL 100 ?
               Tom Pope

From: Kelly Hoffman Date: July 19, 2016 10:43:59 PM EDT
To: Sellabus Hoover <>

Good News Bud!! We’ve sold our coach! We are so happy. A really nice guy from Nevada flew up today and bought it without any negotiations. He is driving off with it tomorrow. Thanks for all your help. You can mark our coach as sold!! 

~ Kelly Hoffman

From: Ken McQuirter <>
Date: January 20, 2016 11:10:05 AM EST

Thanks for the ad as we have quickly sold the 1964 Flxible Starliner, so please remove it from the site. 
Thanks, Ken McQuirter

I have sold my gm 4106 – she is on her way to Texas!
Thanks for your service, which worked fine in spite of a buyer’s market.  I think the lower diesel prices currently have made a difference.
Thanks again, and please flag the listing accordingly.
Tony Gojenola
Twin Falls, Idaho

Subject: Re: new listing
From: Derek Holmes
To: Sellabus Hoover <>

Hi Bud,

Thanks for all of your help.  Your ad was the best investment I could have made for selling the bus.  It is sold now so the ad can be removed at your convenience.

Best regards,

The bus has been sold we thank you. Please take it off the list
From: ron beckman
To: Sellabus Hoover <>
Bud it was from your site. The site worked great!


Subject: Sold Buses
From: Julio Marchesan <>
To: Sellabus <>

Hello Bud How are you Today? I really appreciate the help that your website has given me in order to sell my Buses. I wanted to let you know that I have sold 2 out of the 3 items I listed in your Website. The following Links are to the 1985 MC9 Seated Coach and the GEM Car/Golf Cart that have already been sold. Please note this in your website and I will like to let you know that I might list something else in the next following days.
Thank you so much for your Help.

From: Kent Meyer Date: September
To: Sellabus <>

 Glad to say you can post "SOLD" on my ad for the bus.  It just left for Texas this past weekend.  Had a ton of interest in it after that last price reduction.  I had more than one ad out.  I asked the gentleman which one he saw and he had gone to your website to find the info., as did many others.  Thanks so much. 

1978 Bluebird Conversion
From: Bridget and Gary
Date: February 26, 2013 6:04:30 AM EST

Hi Bud,
I am SO HAPPY to be emailing you to  ask you to remove  our ad for our bus from your site. We sold it over the weekend--YAY!! I think the ad revisions I asked you to do the other day really helped.  THANK you so much, we have nothing but great things to say about your website and  will definitely recommend you to others! By the way, we got MUCH more response from your ad  than our ad on Craigslist, and the buyers saw it on your website, just thought you should  know! Thanks again.
Bridget Cole

64 GM Coach

Hello Bud,
Wanted to let you know that it is time to mark our ad SOLD or remove from the listing. Whatever works best for you. Its been a long road since we listed this. I appreciate having it listed on your site. I will refer anyone who inquires to use your site in the future. Hope you have a great year.
Peter Bullock

Hi Gentleman :
         Please let every one know NOT to answer any e-mail from a Mr Edward Oliver  of London England    e-mail address
This IS A SCAM   and you all can look  him up on google.  A friend of mine just did it for me, a tad to late to save my $ 500.00 I am out though. He sent me an e-mail regarding my add on sellabus for Brill IC - 37 / 41 coach parts.
I do not wish any one else to loose any money to this chap I am taking all my paper work too my local Police Department Monday morning.
Thanking you all kindly
Shame you can not trust any one any more.
Thanks Again
Mr Daryl J. Smithv

Please remove this bus from your listing page, I am glad to inform you it has sold!!!
I would also, like to share with you it has sold from this listing on your web site.
I did receive calls for the past three or 4 years at least one every two weeks or so from this listing. So people are going to your site.
Thank you for your services!!
 Tony Geckle
Back River Pre-Cast, LLC.
P.O. Box 329
Glyndon, MD 21071

Subject: RE: coach listing

Please be advised the 1947 Flxible has been sold.  Actually it sold two hours after posting to a gentleman from Austrailia
so it did take time to arrange to have the coach shipped and money transfer for payment.  So, the sale is now final. 

Thank you for your assistance.
Billie McKay 

Subject: RE: Your Flxible Coach listing on


Hi Bud,
Thanks for posting the 1955 Red Visicoach for Us.  We have  been lucky enough to have sold it in one week. If you could list it as “Sold” for a couple weeks, that would help the other lookers keep the inquiries down. Thank s again.
Matt of Orange Belt Stages

From: DickHodge
Subject: sold/withdrawn

Thanks for the great service. My 1954 Flxible VisiCoach is sold. Also now need to withdraw from the market the 1957 VL100 also listed, as one bus is a sufficient number.
Once again, thanks for the great exposure.
Dick Hodge
Brighton CO

Subject: yo bud,

hi, pete hyser here,
I sold the 56 scenicruiser i had.  it broke my heart but it never would have been sold without you and this site..
i tell everyone about it and since i feel like i just lost my best friend i will be buying one off this site as soon as i heal.
the guy who bought it flew in from guadamala and drove that bad boy back...   he is going to change it back to a seated coach.   goodbuy my closest of friends..may you roll on forever
pete hyser
ex owner

Subject: Re: Advertising Cancellation

Thanx Bud!  Your ad certainly got the job done selling my bus to the guy in France.  I feel like the ad did good at getting people to call me about the parts too. After they call is when the fun begins.  It's sort of comical watching the goings on on that  Yahoo post site.

It's been a pleasure and we hope all goes well for you guys.

Ed & Margie

Subject: RE: Your MCI Coach Ad is ready for your approval.


Bud, Just wanted to give you an update. Thanks to all the responses we received from the listing the bus sold on 12/26 Thanks again,  James

From: "Don Seely"
To: <>
Subject: VanHool bus

Thanks for your service; we got a buyer for our bus today, and yes, they found it on your web site. Please mark it as "SOLD".

Don Seely

From: "Moffit Brothers" <>
To: <>
Subject: 1977 MCI SOLD

Hello Bud;

We have sold our 1977 MCI. It went to Waunakee, WI. The buyer is an airline pilot.
You may take it off you listing.
Thank you for your wonderful service all of these years.
Kenneth said he may have another bus, for sale, in a year or two.
Sincerely, Kenneth and Roberta Moffit-------Moffit Bros. Transportation

From: trevir johnson
To: Bud Hoover <>
Subject: Re: Your Flxible coach listing on SELLABUS

Your web site gave me excellent results. A lot of people were interested and we finally sold it today so if you would please put sold on the ad. We will most likly be useing your site again in the near future. Thank you very much.


To: Bud Hoover <>
Subject: Re: [Fwd: Your MCI coach listing on is ready for posting.]

Hello Bud,
I wanted to inform you that i've sold the bus. I had several inquieries and the second was a couple from Bakersfield who want to build a conversion coach.
Thanks, your web site made it easy. I will be listing my GMC conversion coach for sale with you soon. Thanks again.


Subject: 4106bus

thanks a mill you have a great site i have sold the 4106 thanks to you. you can put sold on it
I have had a lot of intrest from your site, again thank you.

From: gerry zimmerman
Subject: Re: 1946 Clipper

Hello Bud,

I just wanted to say Thank you for your service here on helping me find a good home for my 1946 Clipper. It was the last item left behind to deal with after my move from So Cal to the top of Wa.. Because of you site, I was able to find the right person to carry on the project.

Thanks again,

Gerry Zimmerman

From: "Paul Shuster"

To: "Bud Hoover" <>
Subject: 56 Flx

Once again your site has yielded a buyer for me. Please mark my 56 Flx coach as sold!


Paul Shuster

To: Bud Hoover <>
Subject: RE: Your Flxible coach listing on SELLABUS

Greetings, Bud!

Well, the bus was sold today. Can you please note that on your site.

Thank you for hosting the site; we received many emails and calls from
the bus being on it.

Sincerely, Jim



Hey Bud!!

I sold the Starliner to a guy from Paris France (full price), He is taking it to Long Beach and it is being shipped to Belgium, then he will drive it to "the south of France".He saw it on your Website, and said it was "Love at first Sight". I have gotten many many e-mails and call from that ad, so I must tell you it works. Usually the distance is too great for folks to come look. You know how that goes.

Thanks for the great service and All the Best to you guys!!

Ed Smith, FOI 269


To: Bud Hoover <>
Subject: 4106


Please delete my ad for the 1963, 4106 from your listings. The bus has been sold and the new owner picked it up yesterday.It was bought on Feb 19th but the new owner was not able to pick it up until April 4th. I had a lot of response from your ad. Thank you.

Frank Horn

From: "Michael Middaugh"

To: "Bud Hoover" <>
Subject: S O L D !

Trace 4000W inverter. Contact from your site. Thanks and please remove.
Mike Middaugh

Subject: Re: Your GM coach listing on SELLABUS


I am happy to say that I'd like you to take my Scenicruiser off the for sale web page. It was not sold. I dont know if you remember me but I"m the guy who shattered both heels and was in a wheelchair. Well after 4 months in the chair and the possibility of loosing not only the bus but my house as I cut the casts off and went back to smarts a bit and I can tell 3 weeks in advance when its going to rain but it was well worth it.

Please take the ad out for me.

BTW, I got 26 emails about the bus, a few were serious so your site is awsome..cause its one i always look at just to see whats out there..keep up the good work

Thanks for everything,

Pete Hyser

From: Eric Johnston
Subject: Bus


Just wanted to thank you for provideing the sellabus service. Both my coaches sold within 3 weeks that I had listed on your website. I had a lot of calls and emails, a lot more than I would have expected.

Thanks again, Eric Johnston

Subject: 1956 Flxible Bus (Mr.Richard Backus, owner)


We recently sold the 1956 Flexy for $10,000 to a gentleman in California through your ad. We received many inquiries. Many declined due to the fact that the old girl needed an overhaul prior to trying to drive her any great distance, but this gentleman bought her sight unseen, and had her trucked to the West Coast! She was a part of our family since around 1962. Many fond memories went with her, and we wish her new owner equal satisfaction.

Again, wanted to let you know and thank you for your help.


Thank you! Richard W. Backus

From: Patrick Lorang
To: Bud Hoover <>
Subject: Re: Your AerocoachI coach listing on SELLABUS

Hi Bud,

Thanks for creating my Aerocoach listing. You did a superb job! (You really have an eye for photo arrangement, placing the pictures in perhaps the most interesting pattern possible.) The whole ad looks great to me. I also agree with your decision to excise from my original copy the particular text portions that you did. I think it's a stronger ad now. You have my approval to put it up on the website.

Best regards,
Patrick Lorang

From: "chris branch"

Subject: Re: Your Flxible coach listing on

Hi Bud,
Wow, you named the website correctly, that's apparent to me now! Thanks for listing my bus, it sold already! I had tons of calls and emails, many quite serious, and Rick Henderson and his wife came out from Texas and bought it on Thursday. They plan to drive it all the way back to Texas. I thought that was a pretty big adventure, but he seemed pretty well equiped for it!! In any case, thanks again, and could you mark the bus as "Sold" on the website for me?

From: "David Hallquist"

To: <>
Subject: 1953 FLEX.

Photo E-mail

 We've sold our 1953 visicoach with the help of your web site.
We had a lot of inquiries about it from hit on your site.
Thank you keep up the good work

Dave and Jacqui Hallquist

From: "Patrick A. Lorang"

Subject: Aerocoach Sold!

Hi Bud,

It took a while, but the Sell-a-Bus listing for the Aerocoach did the
trick. I received payment for the bus this past week, and the new owner
will be having it hauled to its new home in Colorado Springs early in
the coming week.

Will you kindly place a "SOLD" caption with the Aerocoach photo on your
website, and run that a while longer, showing that Sell-a-Bus really
does work?

Thanks for all your help with this particular sale. I always enjoy
visiting the Sell-a-bus site, drooling occasionally over the Flxible
coach offerings!

Take care.

Best regards,

Patrick Lorang